Life does not have a rule book

Using this space to pour out my thoughts on how I have seen life through my lens and how unique it is for everyone…

Life is unique for each and every creature on this earth and what works for one person never works for another. Life is not bound by any rules unless it costs some other life. We tend to take suggestions from people but we should never depend on someone’s decisions for our own life.

Everyone of us might have grown up in a different set of environment with unique set of thoughts and approach towards life. Some of these thoughts might look super weird to people who cannot understand those but that never means you are wrong. A person’s personality defines their characteristics and approach towards life and dumb luck plays a very important role in how someone’s lifestyle is i.e. society or religion or culture or poverty/affluence to which a person is born to. A person’s lifestyle is not their personality and the rules that their lifestyle sets for them should not be considered as the rules of surviving this life-ship😊.

Not a single person with 100 years of life experience or 25 years of life experience could decipher the rules of how a person should survive. We should live on our own principles and abide by it but never depend on someone else to take our decisions. As a normal human tendency, we are more inclined to listen to our society or peers when we are struck in a problem or when are about to start something new in life, but what we should do is listen to our own-self and decide what will work best. Generally what worked for someone doest not mean it would work for you just because they have faced a similar situation earlier. Our thoughts are tuned to our personality and not everyone can understand what kind of thoughts have caused us to be in a particular situation. Our life decisions are simply taken due to overflowing emotions be it happiness, sadness, anger, envy or any other kind of feeling.

If you realise you are different from your peers or family, then Congratulations 🥳! You are in a process of understanding what you truly are and where your thoughts are actually tuned to; which again does not necessarily mean you might have figured out what to do in life. We are not bound by any purpose in this life… If we are not achieving something or we are not living according to the idealistic norms of the society, then it does not mean that the life we are living does not have a meaning. Our purpose of life should be defined by our happiness, we should just live a life that we truly are happy with…

We create our own music to our life… we compose our own tunes…we write our own rules. If your thoughts different, then that does not mean you are an outlier, it means you have found your happiness and what you truly live for. Our physical abilities never define our mental abilities, so being confided to physical barriers never means that our life should also be confided within those boundaries. It is our life, our own song that we are singing 🎙 and should never ever be copied from someone else’s tune 🎶, but yes we can take inspiration from someone but never copy them.

Life is all about how we approach it and how well we handle our own problems but not about blaming someone for their set of actions. If someone has caused a problem in your life, then that does never mean you should cause the same to their life too…You never know what kind of weird issues they might be having, Life is not always what is shown to the world. We show the world only the beautiful parts of our life because we tend to feel insecure when the world sees our flaws, but our flaws are what define the happiness in our life and not the beauty😊.

P.S. I will keep adding more to this as and when I observe a new aspect to our day to day life. Please feel free to add your opinions in the comments so that we can try cracking the code of life.



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Mahita Chowdary

Adulting Amateur with tech skills in Big Data and Machine Learning👩🏻‍💻 25 years of experience in surviving life.